About the Artist


I have always had a love for art. Growing up with a Fine Arts Prof. for a dad, I spent my childhood surrounded by student art, and art openings. I got to experiment with mediums and tools that most kids didn’t have lying around the house. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Victoria with a love of Painting, Photography and Printmaking.  I spent several years screen printing T-shirts before moving to Vancouver to go to Film School at Capilano College.  Since then, I got married, had kids, and let my art become an occasional distraction. I have recently been re-inspired to paint, and found that time and distance has only added maturity and inspired new ideas. I predominantly use Oil based paints on Canvas. The use of black and white comes from my background and love of black and white photography. The study becomes one of light, shadow, texture, depth and composition.

North Shore Art Crawl March 2019

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