The Earth Under My Toes

One day I was staring at a photo of a tree on a wall at a friends house. I think I spent a little too much time staring at the image, and I started to wonder why I found it so captivating. It dawned on me that what I loved so much about the image was the connection to the outdoors. This was an image of a place I find solitude in. My passion for being in nature was what drew me to it. I decided at that moment I needed to stop painting images of the city. This collection is about specific places that I find a connection to. I chose to explore this series in mostly black and white for several reasons. Firstly, I really wanted to make light and shadow predominantly important. Secondly, for all the reasons I love black and white photography. I wanted the paintings to have a photographic feel and draw the attention to shape and composition.


2 thoughts on “The Earth Under My Toes

  1. Bob Dalton says:

    A great website featuring outstanding paintings. You’ve provided an lovely articulation of the work and its sources of inspiration. The site is bookmarked so we can visit it often.

    Well done, Chris


  2. Shirley Rossi says:

    Chris, you have a very special gift. Your work draws me in so that I can almost feel my hand caressing the wood and hear the silent call of nature.


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